Smart Cycling Safety for Young Riders Has Arrived

After decades lacking innovation in kids cycling industry, we reimagined a safer, more connected cycling experience for modern families. Oddy is the world's first cycling safety add-on device designed to protect young riders and we are launching it with a crowdfunding campaign.

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Smart Cycling Safety for Young Riders Has Arrived
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What is Oddy?

Oddy is a safety add-on device that can be easily attached on all types of helmets, bicycles, and scooters with its versatile mounting parts. Oddy connects to the smartphones of both the rider and parent to enhance safety and awareness with revolutionary safety features. 

Oddy oversees, senses, and adapts to cautious environments autonomously. Each feature targets a specific risk factor for child cycling accidents in order to avoid the most prevalent hazards. Oddy's patented design contains a unique combination of embedded sensor and wireless technologies.

Six Features of Oddy

Swipe or click icons below to view Oddy's revolutionary features. Through mobile application updates, Oddy will improve and build on its features that prevent accidents before they happen. We would love to hear your insightful feedback so feel free to click here and fill out our survey.


Pre-ride safety check

Weather and road conditions can change by the minute and no one wants to end up biking in the midst of perilous traffic or risky weather. So, before each ride, Oddy automatically checks for any risky conditions and suggests caution if need be. While at work, Oddy also ensures the rider’s helmet is worn properly – ninety-six percent of children and adolescents wear helmets incorrectly, rendering the helmet ineffective. Because Oddy joins the ride before it even begins, the rider will be more safety-oriented.

Pre-order on Indiegogo

We are launching Oddy with a crowdfunding campaign, please leave your email below for updates!

Pre-order on Indiegogo


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